Let's be honest, now that I am a Mommy, there isn't much Liz or much of that, mostly just about Finleigh!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Finleigh's Nursery

What's funnier than me waiting this long to post Finleigh's nursery pictures is that I still haven't finished her birth story, oops! It will come... someday!
For now FINALLY here is Finleigh's nursery! 
My husband is SO supportive and pretty much said that I could do what I wanted for the nursery, which was so sweet considering HE had to do the painting since I was pregnant! The room started like the rest of our house: taupe walls and off-white trim, blinds and doors... and then I found a gray, WHITE and pink fabric (zoology in bloom) that we both fell in love with...
so we, and by we I mean Kevin, had to re-do EVVVVVERYthing from new white blinds, to taking off all doors/trim/baseboards and repainting AND then painting the whole room. It's amazing how "dark" the taupe was so we, and again by we I mean Kevin, had to paint thick white over it all before we could get to the gray. Good thing we started the process early! It all started with that fabric and we just kind of went from there and put it all together as we went along and found or made new items...
The crib side with our striped wall, talk about getting lucky that worked out!

The other side
Amazing drapes my Mom made.
Vinyl quote as you enter.

Oh yeah.... and did I mention that the pink in the fabric is not your normal pink... and we couldn't find anything that matched it soooo we had to buy paint that we got to match it exactly (the paint was called "PINK EXPLOSION" though which was magical) and paint, again Kevin did it, anything we wanted pink... The lamp bases, her letters, the coat hanger shelf, picture frames, the inside of the bookcase and more! It always seems so much easier when you are just dreaming it all up :)

View towards the door

we painted the shelf and the letters and the plastic zoo animal toys
the frame is DIY, i mod-podged the fabric onto the matting of it

Pier 1 frame with photos! shutterfly prints 4x4 squares, awesome!

Cost Plus World Market jars and Johnathan Adler piggy bank
Lil reading corner!

DIY! One of my fave projects! Traced the animals from the fabric onto canvas and painted!
Reupholstered the rocker (aka paid someone to) and pillows by my Mom!

Finleigh has her own rocker too ;)

Target bookshelf that Kev painted the inside of, and the lamp too!

Custom changing pad cover by my Mom... we had to cut and reform the changing pad so then she had to fully customize the cover!
Love the corner changing table... but need something to put on the little random shelves!
Above the changing table!

DIY felt poms... took WAY longer than planned, but Finleigh LOVES them so it was worth it!

These letters were hidden until after we came home from the hospital!
My amazing Mom made all of the AMAZING bedding! Seriously she rocks, its all perfect! Obviously once Finleigh is sleeping in there (oops!) there will not be a massive elephant or bumper, but they couldn't be left out for photos ;)
Another Target lamp we (Kevin) painted and then the "hamper" I saw on Pinterest and bought from Home Depot, but we use it for toys instead!
Another view of repainted doors and trim thanks to Kevin! The sign over the closet says "let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains." Love.
I am sure there is MUCH more detail I could put in (or let me know if you have questions) and maybe I will add and update later but wanted to FINALLY get it on here and who knows how long she will sleep. We are so happy it turned out how we wanted and can't wait for Finleigh to get older and older and be able to enjoy it. She is such a blessing and looking back I am thankful we spent so much time to make her room special for her. Now if I would just let her sleep in it at night... ha ha that is for another time.


Finleigh's Newborn Pics

I can't believe these were taken when she was 10 days old.... it seems SO long ago (I know that was a while ago but I just got them downloaded to my computer) and she looks SO tiny! We used Megan from Owl's Eye Photography, who also did our maternity photos, and let me tell you, she is amazing. She came to our house with props and backdrops and told us she planned to spend 2-3 hours just so that we didn't rush it and would have time to keep her asleep but take any diaper or feeding breaks. It was better than I could have imagine! I can't post all 130+ but here are some of our faves!

so in love with her... just wish time would slow down...