Let's be honest, now that I am a Mommy, there isn't much Liz or much of that, mostly just about Finleigh!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

35 weeks!

How far along? 35 weeks!
Fruit/veggie size and development: Baby girl is as big as a coconut (yum!) hence the chalkboard theme and still on average is over 17 inches and weighs anywhere from 4.2-5.8 lbs! (she feels massive!) Her hearing is also fully developed! (via the bump)
Total weight gain: 24.3lbs...... doesn't it start to stop going up?! please?!
Maternity clothes? Yessss of course! But I am ready for regular maxi dresses and summer clothes!
Stretch marks? same still... haven't seen them and am doing the 2x daily cocoa butter + Bio Oil!
Sleep: Not great! Finally went back to taking unisom every few nights (thanks to Sadie for reminding me of its magic) and it has been amazing!
Best moment this week: Spending Thursday & Friday with 2 different sets of couple friends, who each have a little one. We are so blessed to have amazing friends and even more blessed they are parents to give advice :)
Miss Anything? Ease in shaving my legs? Fitting behind the wheel better? Not making a spectacle bending over for something?
Movement: I can feel her much much lower but she is still rockin and rollin in there all the time! I can't really tell on the outside she dropped but I can FEEL it for sure.
Food cravings: Once she dropped I kind of got my appetite back! No crazy cravings but I still am eating those apple cinnamon Cheerios within about 5 minutes of getting out of my bed and also Ruby Red Squirt and Iced Water have been my daily drinks!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Symptoms: She dropped last weekend (ouch) so no more heartburn thankfully, but feeling the pressure of her being lower! Kevin has been amazing rubbing my back at night when I notice I get sore.
Belly Button in or out? Getting EVEN closer to out!
Wedding rings on or off? Still very on!
Labor Signs: None thankfully! My doc had me come in for a check since she dropped "so early" but no signs that she is progressing yet! In 2 weeks I will not be saying "thankfully" - I will be ready!!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Graduation being OVER at school this Thursday! That will be a huge stressor gone. And REALLY looking forward to fully completing the nursery, I am so excited for the final project! Finished the felt balls and the painted canvases, now they just need to go us!


  1. Love the blog! The decorations are adorable!

  2. I just bought a case of Ruby Red Squirt last week and was thinking to myself..."I bet I'm the only one drinking this soda" but I guess I was wrong! :) She'll be here before you know it. It's hard to understand this but enjoy being pregnant as much as you can. I remember being so miserable as I was 9 months pregnant in July and it was a hot summer, I wanted my Everett out asap but then after I had him, I missed being pregnant (about 2 months after he was born). Weird to think and say but I definitely did. :)

  3. How did you make the felt balls? They are so adorable and I want to make some for my baby, also due in July!