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Saturday, May 25, 2013

34 weeks!

How far along? 34 weeks!* Six weeks sounds VERY soon!!
Fruit/veggie size and development: Baby girl is as big as a butternut squash and on average is over 17 inches and weighs anywhere from 4.2-5.8 lbs! (via the bump)
Total weight gain: seriously 23lbs. i feel like i am getting massive (and people tell me I am) so at least it matches the scale?!
Maternity clothes? The weather was lame & rainy this week so all I wanted to wear was sweats. Luckily most maternity pants are still really comfy!
Stretch marks? I am starting to check closely for them, haven't seen them yet... I hope it stays that way, but hey if not, they will be worth it!
Sleep: Bathroom trips and tossing and turning but not too terrible! Bringing my pillow on the weekend trip to help as much as I can.
Best moment this week: Celebrating Kevin's 30th Birthday Sunday! It was our last before we are a family of 3 (5 to count the dogs) and it was really special. He is going to be an amazing Daddy to our baby girl! Pic below from his special day! Love that he rocks the pink ;)
Miss Anything? I love my belly and feeling baby girl move in there all day, buuuut I do still miss not having a belly, being able to squeeze past things, bend over, etc!
Movement: Oh yeah, it already feels like she doesn't have a ton of room in there YET she still manages some pretty good kicks and jabs!
Food cravings: Honestly not much. My appetite is still much less (I hope that is normal!?), drinking a lot of chocolate milk and water and trying to eat more small meals so I get my nutrition!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Symptoms: Still really nothing I should complain about, just little discomforts and some heartburn. I know it could be much worse!
Belly Button in or out? Getting close to out!
Wedding rings on or off? Still very on!
Labor Signs: None thankfully!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: a relaxing 3-day weekend in Bend, one my favorite places on the planet!

*34 week picture is actually from Thursday because as this posts we are off relaxing in Central Oregon for the weekend! Not only on time posting this week, technically even a little early!

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