Let's be honest, now that I am a Mommy, there isn't much Liz or much of that, mostly just about Finleigh!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

30 weeks! Only 10 to go?!?!!?

Seriously, down to only 10 weeks!? Next week the countdown will be single digits!!!
How far along? 30 weeks!
Fruit/veggie size and development: Baby girl is as long as a cucumber! Her skin is getting smoother and she is strong enough she can grasp! (via the bump)
Total weight gain: I didn't weigh myself this week, our battery was dead, but let's be honest the answer is HIGHER than last week I am sure.
Maternity clothes? yes! oddly i miss my old t-shirts, I am sure some of them "fit" but i don't want to stretch them out!
Stretch marks? same, just lathering with lotion and bio oil!
Sleep: bathroom breaks galore!
Best moment this week: A mini surprise shower the 4 couples in our bible study group threw for us on Tuesday night at our final session! It was so unexpected and so fun! Baby girl is truly spoiled already, PLUS there were yummy cake pops! Win-win!
Miss Anything? Being able to sleep all night without at least 2 bathroom trips!
Movement: She is a wild one already it seems!
Food cravings: STRAWBERRIES! everything else the same too: gatorade frost glacier freeze, cinnamon rolls, low fat strawberry poptarts (don't worry they still have frosting), bananas and sooooo much chocolate milk. Plus our homemade pizza recipe, I think it has been made 3 time in the last 9 nights!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Symptoms: honestly besides interrupted sleep and feeling her up in my ribs at times nothing pregnancy related I should complain about! i keep waiting for the heartburn, but thankfully, none yet!
Belly Button in or out? still not "out"
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Labor Signs: Nada!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy about anything baby related! We are just SO ready to meet her!!!
Looking forward to: finishing up our Kaiser "preparing for baby" class next week... day one was a little overwhelming not going to lie, but Kevin was SO into it and excited about it all so that made it a little better! AND in 2 weeks my baby shower that my sister will be here from NC for!!!!


  1. I feel like the middle of the night bathroom breaks are preparing us for baby ;) have you tried unisom?

    1. That is what i tell myself and I try to stay up a little longer, even though I know I still won't be "used to it" haha. I did try unisom early on I just get nervous about the morning because I get up so early!

    2. You are going to laugh at this.. I use to have to wake up at 3:30am to be to work by 4:30 during my whole pregnancy and I used unisom every day. I would just take it early, I was a little drowsy but I stayed awake until I went to bed. But i did go to bed around 7 lol just a thought ;)