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Sunday, April 7, 2013

27 weeks! & nursery to-do list!

How far along? 27 weeks!
Fruit/veggie size and development: Baby girl is the size of a rutabaga! Really, of all fruits or veggies that is what they came up with? Haha. She is practicing more breathing as her lungs develop and the most INSANE development of the week: she is officially showing brain activity! (via the bump)
Total weight gain: Same as last week 13.5 lbs-ish, not making progress yet from my sicknesses! I am sure it will "blow up" again soon once I venture back to Taco Bell ;)
Maternity clothes? Some regular shirts this week, but otherwise all maternity pants. Why are they SOOO comfy?!
Stretch marks? Had a funny little convo with my mom about this subject this week (see below), but nothing showing yet and I am slathering on the Bio oil and lotion best I can!
Sleep: Besides the coughing this week, sleep is still good. Man i really love my body pillow.
Best moment this week: The hubs surprised me with a lil birthday cake from my FAVE cake place! The whole day of my birthday was spent watching/helping my parents move, but it was so nice at the end to have dinner (at THE best Mexican place in the world) and a DELISH cake to celebrate!! Good thing there are leftovers ;)

Miss Anything? Being able to take lots of cold medicine. When i get sick i don't usually shy away from the meds and having the nurse say "take nothing and practice home care" made my cold/flu/thing last WAY too long!
Movement: I think sometimes it still surprises me even though I have been feeling it for some time now. It really is AMAZING to feel your baby move inside of you! I catch myself just starrrrring at my stomach when I can see her moving!
Food cravings: i think the first time I even finally felt hungry in over a week was Thursday so really no cravings. Bought some birthday cake Oreo's for good measure anyway :)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Symptoms: Nothing pregnancy related except a little discomfort from all of the coughing. I just see it as tightening whatever ab muscles are still left down there or had to begin with.
Belly Button in or out? Still in and that awkward flat stage.
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Labor Signs: Nada!
Happy or Moody most of the time: meh just blah from feeling so sick, but happy now that I finally feel like I am coming out of it, about time!
Looking forward to: More nursery progress! The glider is being reupholstered and all of the fabric for the bedding is in! SO excited for it to come together! See below for the nursery to-do list we put together... seems like a lot for less than 13 weeks! I want to be ready early jussssst in case, i know, wishful thinking.

Nursery To-Do List

Once the wall painting was done and the furniture was in, I felt like we were doing great and then this week while thinking about the bedding I realized there is still SO much to do, so we made a list to get going! Gah I can't wait until it is done!

peek of the fabric that I initially found and we kind of branched off from, i love elephants!

1. Changing table
- Find a matching 2nd basket and get liners made for both!
- Figure out which changing pad we want and make a cover! (by make a cover, I mean have my Mom make it, thank GOD for her!)

2. Lighting
- Paint both bases of the lamps we bought with our pink accent paint. It's called "pink explosion!"

3. Bookshelves
- Assemble and paint the inside of 3 cubes the same pink. Saw something like it on pinterest here and loved the idea!

4. Glider
- As soon as we get it back from being reupholstered*, pick which fabric will be the accent pillow!
* I couldn't find any I really LOVED so we bought one with white wood to match the furniture and immediately took it in somewhere for new fabric!

5. Decor
- Order wood letters, HAHA guess we better decide on her name right?!
- Paint letters and hang
- Apply vinyl wall quote
- Find something for the top of the dresser
- Paint the mirror frame pink
- Find something for toy storage
- Decide on what will be on the last wall... sounds easy right?

6. Bedding - SO thankful for my Mom's help with making all of this!
- Bed skirt
- 3 fitted sheets
- Bumper
- Curtains
- Baby blanket, i love me some minky!
- Quilt with all the fabrics?
- Accent pillows

Okay the list is massive, I should probably be working on that not blogging!

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