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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

26 weeks, babymoon + so much more!

Holy moly this post is overdue. Its been a crazy past week or so. After the 25 week mark, it was my spring break (working at a high school has perks!) so my husband and I were off on our babymoon to Vegas! The plan was just to relax and enjoy the sun. We did that... but things didn't maybe go QUITE as planned. Tuesday night (only our 2nd day there) ended up like this....
For some explanation... less than 24 hours from arriving in sunny Vegas, I got a lil sick and by a "lil" I mean realllly sick only about 10 minutes from arriving at the pool! I will spare the revolting details... I called the Kaiser advice nurse line, seriously thank God for them, and they told me if I had a temperature above 100 and I couldn't keep fluids down then I needed to go to the ER... Off Kevin went in the rental car (that we thankfully decided last minute Sunday to rent) for a thermometer. Sure enough my temp was high and I couldn't even keep down 2 sips of water without, well... Decided to listen to my fireman husband who insisted and the nurse advice, googled "hospital" and drove to the nearest one. They were amazing, I was really out of it. Don't remember this part much, but spent maybe 2 minutes in the ER just to get my info and they sent me off to the L&D area so they could treat me and monitor the baby. Baby girl was PERFECTLY fine, by the grace of God. She was moving like crazy normal (probably starving) and her heart rate was ideal. I, on the other hand, was beyond dehydrated and needed fluids so I got an IV to the hand and spent the next 3 hours taking in over 3 liters of fluids and being watched. Although my temp spiked and would NOT come all the way down, they eventually let me go once I could keep down  crackers and water. They think it must have been a bacterial infection or something, norovirus, who knows. They didn't think food poisoning just because of the fever but weren't positive. It was scary and gross and I am just so thankful that they let me go and that baby girl was perfectly okay! The next day wasn't much better unfortunately, but really in the long run it could have been SO much worse and wasn't.

Long story short, I am thankful it turned out as "easy" as it could and we did manage to have some babymoon fun still! Before said hellish Tuesday event, we headed to the strip for a little shopping and lunch. After said hellish Tuesday event we had amazing massages (I was a little out of it, but felt amazing), spent time by the pool and even went out to Red Rocks to hike around a little.

My hubby was SO amazing through all of it! I tried to buck up as much as I could so as not to totally ruin our trip but he seriously was a SAINT. He was so good to me and stayed SO calm, guess that is why he makes such a good fireman! Since getting home Friday night I have been sick AGAIN with some nasty cold flu something brutal, so he had to deal again! I was so sick it even kept me home 2 days from work, which I hate and never do. Here's to feeling better asap and being thankful for amazing husbands!
(sorry for so many not ideal quality iPhone pics)

Without further ado or chattering delay here is my picture and update as of my REAL 26 week mark back on Saturday (the 30th) even though it is already the 3rd, oops! To be fair I did actually do the chalkboard Saturday while our Easter eggs were cooling, had my answers mostly ready and took the picture Sunday morning before early Easter church service, but just never got it posted as I got sicker, ugh!

How far along? 26 weeks!
Fruit/veggie size and development: Baby girl is the size of a head of lettuce! Her eyes are forming, she has eyelashes (CRAZY!) and she is even taking breaths, of fluid, but breaths none the less! (via the bump)
Total weight gain: 13.5 lbs or so I think as of Saturday, I went backward on our trip due to the whole sickness ish
Maternity clothes? Rocked the regular bikini on the babymoon, but otherwise mostly all maternity! I brought some non maternity dresses that fit, but didn't end up wearing them! Loving the cheap ruched ribbed tanks from Old Navy!
Stretch marks? Same, still nothin showing! Thanks to a friend's recommendation, I added Bio Oil to my twice daily Palmer's cocoa butter cream regimen (I buy both at Target).
Sleep: Brought my "back up" body pillow on our trip luckily!
Best moment this week: Even though I was still feeling super crappy I tried to rally so we didn't have a TOTAL loss of a babymoon and we hiked around Red Rocks near our hotel Thursday. It was seriously SO majestic & beautiful and despite everything going on, left me feeling so blessed and thankful to God!
Miss Anything? I didn't even miss having a drink in Vegas I was too sick!
Movement: OMG all the time, she seems wild! it is so fun now that Kevin can feel her too!
Food cravings: nothing sounded good even when I could eat, so definitely wasn't craving this week! that is a first!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Ha yes, but that wasn't baby girl's fault ;)
Symptoms: Again, nothing baby girl related! She was off the hook this week!
Belly Button in or out? Still in but getting flatter, it is so weird.
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Labor Signs: Nada! That is what the hospital was most concerned with at first, but everything was fine with her!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Hard to answer, happy when I wasn't feeling like death ha
Looking forward to: Getting rid of this cold (ha update to real time Weds, it obviously didn't go away and instead got WORSE!)

If you are still reading, sorry that was a REALLY long post, oops! I plan to be on track for this weekend's 27 week post! My 28th birthday is Saturday - too bad it won't be 28 weeks on my 28th, would have been perfect! Hope you are all in good health and have a great rest of the week!


  1. Sorry you were so sick! Would have never guessed it from seeing all your pics on IG. Hope you're feeling 100% again soon. I've had the flu for a week now and it's no fun at all missing so much work... Doctors orders though!

    You look great and glad baby is doing well through everything :) happy birthday!!

  2. yeah no joke! i had no clue you were sick based in your IG pics - looked like you were having the best time ever! which im sure you enjoyed yourself after you were feeling better. take it easy girl! cuz once babay is here, you. wont. have. a. second. to. breathe!!! ;)

  3. You are both so sweet, I felt like I looked like death walking!