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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Waddle it be?! Gender Reveal

Finding out on Thursday and keeping it inside for 48 hours was pretty much torture, BUT it was worth it to get to reveal it with our delicous cake!!! We had a few family and friends squeezed in our small house, PLUS: my sister & her husband and my in-laws all tuned in via FaceTime on our iPads. It was pretty cool to have everyone find out, whether in person or thanks to technology!

Our delicious cake was from Jaciva's in Portland who also made our wedding cake and 1st anniversary cake. Their cakes are amaaaaaazing. It turned out so pretty... even on the outside!
Cricut at work for the banner!

Super easy fabric buntings just to spread the Waddle It Be?! yellow, pink and blue around.
The snacks served were my "cravings" or versions of:
fruit in the form of fruit salad
veggies in the form of homemade spring rolls... with peanut sauce (duh)
avocado in the form of fresh guac (plus chips & salsa for the hubby)

CHEESE and TACO Bell in the form of legit Taco Bell nacho cheese (yes we bought it in bulk from them directly, can you say obsessed!?)
and of course gummy bears!
Yellow punch to keep it nuetral until we cut the cake! There was champagne to add to it for everyone but me, and of course, beer for Kevin and the guys.
We had everyone vote on either what they thought or what they were hoping! 8-boy 6-girl
Gave them a few pointers to help their votes based on wives tales... no help, it was 50/50!
... and then came time to cut the cake!
It was PINK of course! The flavor is pink champagne, one our 4 wedding cake flavors. SO delicious!
We are beyond excited and blessed to have a little girl on the way!!

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