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Monday, January 14, 2013

1st Trimester Recap

Looking back over the 1st trimester it is astonishing to me how different all the experiences are... Every pregnant woman is headed down the same 40 (or so) week path with a baby (or more) growing and changing inside of them, but things are SO different for each of us. Don't believe everything you read in books for starters! I think people assume morning sickness is the only 1st trimester symptom and that since I was (thankfully and gratefully) lucky enough not to have it, then they assume it was "easy." Eh. Maybe we will go with "tolerable."

I have seen a multitude of "recaps" but Baby Kerf was the first one that I saw so I used her categories for my own experiences and answers.

Most Exciting Moment: I can hardly remember it I was so overwhelmed, but most exciting was seeing our FIRST ultrasound, baby & heartbeat at only 8 1/2 weeks, even if baby was more like a peanut!
first peek - 8.5 week ultrasound - cute peanut!

Most Challenging Moment: Without choosing my ongoing fatigue and just one "moment" I would say not being able to shout it from the rooftops the second we found out! It is a hard secret to keep!

One Thing I’m Proud Of: My FIRST half marathon, and at 11 weeks pregnant! I signed up before I was pregnant and due to dizziness on a 7 mile run (that clued me into being pregnant), those 7 miles ended up being my longest training run. I had made up my mind aka my husband asked me not to run the half, but 3 minutes before the race he said I could run and it was awesome! Okay not that awesome. It was about 34 degrees to start, raining & blowing sideways at times. The first 8 miles felt really good and we were at a good pace until my body reminded me I was pregnant and hadn't trained enough so the last 5 miles were rough... but WE FINISHED and THAT part was amazing! 
After the finish line & after inhaling some food, I was ready for a pic

One Thing I Wish Were Different: This isn't really pregnancy related, but I wish my sister (& brother-in-law) lived closer so I could have my sissy with me while I am pregnant (and all the time). Sometimes FaceTime just isn't enough! In terms of pregnancy, so far I wouldn't change anything except time speeding up!
Sissy & I in NC - Nov 2012

Favorite FoodsChange daily... some of them: cheese cheese cheeeeeeeese all forms & types, honeycrisp apples, eggos, iced water, Starbucks carmel apple spice, green beans with goat cheese/lemon, salad, veggies, potstickers, peanut sauce (by the gallon)! So many more! 

Least Favorite Foods: Oatmeal, anything that smells warm, and sometimes even after the first bite, at that particular moment if it smells wierd, THEN that becomes a least favorite food.

My Symptoms: FATIGUE (still), dizziness while running too long/hard, bathroom breaks allllll day & night,  face breakouts first 6 weeks, sore boobs, headaches (still), lower back pain,

Symptoms I [Thankfully] Didn’t Have: morning sickness(!!!!), constipation, vision changes, cramps/spotting, bloating and I am sure others I didn't even think of because they stayed away!

 One Thing That Surprised Me The Most: The total and constant exhaustion was one thing (still is). The "second one thing" would be how long it takes to really be showing! After the 1st trimester you are a third of the way through and it doesn't look it for me. I know, I know, the bump growth in the next 2 trimesters will more than make up for it. Yippee...

What I’m Looking Forward To In 2nd Trimester: Finding out the gender!! AND starting to put the nursery together because it will make it even more real. Not so excited about figuring out where to put all of the things we have stored in said future nursery!

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