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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Are you ready for this?!

Welcome! This is my first blog post ever on my first blog, "a little of Liz, a little of that." Coming up with a name was brutal, so this will have to do! A little intro, my name is Liz obviously and I am 27, married to my husband, Kevin, for over a year & a half now (married 3.19.11). We met on Match.com, crazy I know. I guess they do really work! We live in Oregon with our two dogs, Andre & Brecken, and love it. Kevin is a firefighter and I am a high school Office Manager. We love to run and we spend a lot of time outdoors, as well as watching sports. Love the Blazers, obsessed with the Oregon Ducks, and avid fantasy football players!

More importantly we are SO EXCITED to announce that we are expecting our first little bundle of joy on July 6, 2013!

{Here is my initial chalkboard and photo, at 5 weeks on November 3, 2012}

Once I started reading stalking blogs about 3-4 months back I found a mix of blogs I loved including a few baby blogs even though we weren't pregnant. There were 3 baby blogs I LOVED: Hello Jaxon, Little Baby Garvin, & Becoming the Barr's, all with the adorable chalkboard updates. I decided literally the day after we found out I was pregnant that I wanted to try and write an update blog for family and friends to read.

I didn't make my chalkboard however... I cheated & bought it on amazon here and painted the frame white. For chalk, I bought the same Sargent chalk that I read about on Hello Jaxon. This chalk is amazing! So bright and easy to use.

{Blog post I wrote the NIGHT we found out on October 30, 2012}

Well 4 years ago tomorrow was a big day... Besides being Halloween and the Blazers home opener (I love me some NBA), 4 years ago tomorrow was the day my husband (then boyfriend of 6 weeks) got his yellow helmet with Portland Fire. I know you're probably thinking why would he be so happy about yellow, but it signified his graduation from an almost year long grueling training and he was a "real fireman." I can still remember the call, I was driving to Popeyes's (I love fried chicken ok and it was late) after the game and got a picture text from Kevin with a photo of the helmet! Not a minute later my phone was ringing so he could tell me all about it. So today is the 30th and not quite Halloween but close enough and I always special memories on Halloween, except this time it was ME doing the exciting telling!

I got super dizzy on a 7 mile run Sunday and then dizzy again on an easy 3 mile run yesterday. So today I just had that "feeling"..... After work I had to stop for some zucchini and did the super-awkward-almost-run-through-the-aisle to quickly snag the pregnancy tests. Thank goodness for self check stations! I know I'm married but I look young and people give weird looks when you buy them. Kevin was out in the garage (unsuccessfully) reupholstering our kitchen stools so I dashed upstairs without mentioning the test purchase. I did my deed and waited those (brutal) 3 minutes... And TWO LINES showed up. I still can't remember what I thought at first except ohhhhh emmmmm geeeeee and instead of waiting or doing something creative to tell Kev (which I regret now) I literally ran downstairs and hollered to the garage that I needed him... I'm not really sure what crazy mix of words spilled out as I waved the little stick around. He was so excited and hugged me and told me he has goosebumps threw a few oh my gosh's in there... then I went back to cooking and he went back to the stools. I think we were both in a little shock. Excited and happy but still in shock. I took another test even before dinner & plan to take the last from the box tomorrow jusssst to make sure... Right as we were falling asleep, and by we I mean him, he looked over and said "you're glowing" oh boy how many more weeks haha.

**update since writing this post, I actually took a total of 7 tests, maybe over kill.

{I promise all posts won't be this long in the future!}